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Tulsi Herb Tea, 25 Herb Brews

This Green Tea, infused with Tulsi, is a unique combination that promotes a healthy metabolism.



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Amaara brings you a unique blend of Green Tea infused with Rama, Vana, and Krishna Tulsi. Tulsi, as a natural herb, promotes healthy metabolism which is a major factor that helps in reducing weight.
Tulsi Herb Tea supports the immune system, reduces stress levels and helps fight illness and cold while being abundant in antioxidants. The fresh aroma with a delectable taste, get you going throughout the day!
The rich bouquet of the blend itself feels so detoxifying, that you will fall in love with it! It is an overall uplifter and promotes good health and a good mood.

Floral, Refreshing
Water, Sugar, Honey
taste notes
With a satisfying aroma of the blend, the taste is unexpectedly refreshing. A floral edge to this brew comes as a delightful surprise to your taste buds with a nip of a peppery zest
Refreshing Floral Peppery Savory


What types of tulsi do you use?

The brew contains the goodness of Rama, Vana and Krishna Tulsi.

Is it Organic?

Yes, the brew is 100% Organic and Natural with real tulsi leaves in it.

What are the benefits of consuming Tulsi?

A natural immunity booster, proven to control blood sugar levels, regulates stress and anxiety, Tulsi comes with hundreds of other health benefits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Jitin Kumar
Good taste

Amazing and refreshing taste and aroma

Good refreshing aroma tea

Good one for everyday life, I liked it. Packaging inside needs to improve as all tea bags together in a plastic but outside packaging looks elegant.

Rajeev Kohli
Wonderful Herbal Tea.

I am drinking this Green Tea which has Tulsi in it. Honestly, I can say that this is one of the best tea I have ever drunk. I strongly recommend this tea to be tried atleast once by everybody.

Shailesh Singh
Tea Bag Cloth

Something must be done with teabag cloth that you are using. It should not float on top, instead it should go down (inside water). Try checking material used by tata, Lipton etc. Also, function of providing feedback over whatsapp is not working.

Packing issues

Been a fan of Amaara herbs tea and have been ordering regularly. Was slightly disappointed when i received the pack of Tulsi herb tea. Instead of being in individual packs to seal in the aroma, the tea bags were stacked together and packed in one big transparent plastic cover. Doesn't go too well with the image of your brand since friends and family have picked up tea based on my recommendation.
Would like to add in one more suggestion. Generally, all the tea bags are in a teal colored pouch but it doesn't have the name of the particular tea mentioned on it. I use a wooden tea box for storing tea pouches and it becomes difficult to differentiate between Calm.me tea or ginseng tea. Having the name of the tea printed on it would make things much easier... Just a suggestion...

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Enjoy your favourite blends on-the-go with Amaara’s Traveller’s mug.