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  • Honey, Multiflora, 500g
    Regular price ₹ 499.00
    Sale price ₹ 499.00
  • Hibiscus Green Tea, 25 Herb Brews
    Regular price ₹ 300.00
    Sale price ₹ 300.00
  • Ginseng Herb Tea, 20 Herb Brews
    Regular price ₹ 300.00
    Sale price ₹ 300.00
  • Honey charged with Cinnamon, 250g
    Regular price ₹ 349.00
    Sale price ₹ 349.00


  • Have been enjoying their products for a while now and I just never want to run out of it.

    Nandini Singla
  • Latte tastes so good! Love it!

    Abhishek Gupta
    Product Manager
  • Loved the concept and rich teas! I'm thrilled! I totally recommend this to all health lovers!!

    Amandeep Kaur
    Manager, Life Actuarial Services
  • Love the She-B Well Tea. It all herbs and no tea, sets it apart from the other brands. Its just perfect, provides good taste and the effects are so good!

    Sanskriti Goel
    Company Secretary
  • I see a serious competition for some old prevailing companies. Good products! Way to go Amaara!!

    Sumit Gulati
    Senior Manager, Finance
  • Love Amaara and their products! Their Honey, Multiflora is authentic, pure and tastes so good! Love it

    Dr. Srishti Punjani
    BDS, PGDip (Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry)
  • Ginseng Herb Tea is hands down THE BEST I've ever had. It's so convenient. In love with it!

    Parinay Itkan
    Co-Founder, Shyplite