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  • Gold Latte, Herb Mix, 100g
    A very unique Gold Latte Herb mix with therapeutic advantages of healing adaptogenic herbs and aromatic spices. Can...
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    Sale price Rs. 349.00
  • Honey charged with Cinnamon, 250g
    100% Pure and Natural High Quality Honey, rich in Antioxidants and with high pollen count....
    Regular price Rs. 349.00
    Sale price Rs. 299.00
  • Honey, Multiflora, 500g
    100% Pure and Natural High-Quality Honey, rich in antioxidants and with high pollen count. Two...
    Regular price Rs. 499.00
    Sale price Rs. 449.00
  • Smoky Green, Pan Roasted Green Tea, 100g
    Green Tea on a porcelain pot roasted over charcoal to provide a smoky effect to...
    Regular price Rs. 499.00
    Sale price Rs. 499.00



All our herbal infusions are natural, organic and herbal in all form. Herbal ingredients are procured from the best of produce across India. We source each ingredient from the gardens across India to surpass the quality hurdles.  There is no colour, flavour or preservative added to these blends. That is why, we call them medicinal herbs. These Herb Brews are enjoyed best when brewed hot!