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Raspberry & Cinnamon | Pack of 3

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Elevate Your Chocolate Experience.
Immerse yourself in the guilt-free luxury of our vegan chocolate, where deliciousness meets conscience in a harmonious blend.

Portion-Free Herb-Choc Delights.
Indulge in portion-less chocolate, filled with endless benefits and no drawbacks, allowing you to enjoy it without limits.


Is it Vegan?

Yes, these chocolates are dairy-free and cruelty-free, making it completely suitable for those following a Vegan lifestyle.

What is the cocoa content?

Made with 70% Dark Cocoa, these chocolates combine the rich flavours of dark chocolate with the added benefits of herbs, making it a delicious and nutritious treat.

Can diabetic patients eat these chocolates?

We recommend consulting with your Physician as different people have different types of diabetes. Our chocolates have no refined sugar and can be taken in moderate quantities.

Will I get addicted?

We promote no portion control as these are guilt free chocolates with no refined sugar. Don’t blame us if you fall in love with how our chocolates taste

Does it contain real herbs?

Yes. Refer to the ingredients list for more info.

Does it need to be refrigerated at all times?

The ideal temperature for storing these chocolates is 20-22 degrees. All orders are sent with a reusable dry ice packet so you have the best experience.

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