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SHE-B Well Herb Tea

This balanced blend of herbal combination helps build blood, promote circulation, support digestion and encourage a healthy liver functioning.



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Amaara brings you a special women's wellness tea for the first time in India. SHE-B Well Tea is an artfully curated, caffeine-free herbal tea, perfect for women's wellness and helps build a strong immune system.
Suitable for all women, Shatavari blended with Gymnema and Lemongrass promotes a healthy menstrual cycle for women and increases blood circulation, maintaining feminine health.
This artful blend of herbs creates an aromatic cup of tea that looks after the overall women's wellness and nurtures their health naturally.

Bitter, Sweet, Earthy
Water, Maple Syrup, Multiflora Honey
taste notes
Playfully bitter, SHE-B Well Tea is one of the most artful blends by Amaara. One can feel a sweet side note with a subtle hint of earthy and minty flavours that adds to the vastness of this tasty blend.
Bitter Earthy Sweet


What is she be well? How is it useful?

It is a beverage blend of Shatavari and Gymnema. Shatavari can be extremely beneficial for women's reproductive health throughout all stages of their life.

Does it help with period pain?

Yes, sipping on she be well brew will definitely help to ease out your cramps.

Does someone with PCOD/PCOS drink it? If yes, then how many times would you recommend it?

Yes, since it has the goodness of Shatavari, this blend can be a great addition to the diet of someone having PCOD/PCOS. You can consume it twice a day.

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