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Matcha Green Tea, 50g
Matcha Green Tea in powdered form from japan
Matcha Green Tea in powdered form from japan
Matcha Green Tea
Matcha Green Tea in powdered form from japan

Matcha Green Tea, 50g

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Matcha Green Tea is a healthy option power packed with high nutrition. The tea is the finest and refined form of Green Tea to start your day with. Its natural green colour reflects it is traditional under shade cultivation technique adopted to enhance the chlorophyll levels. The tea leaves are handpicked and grounded to a fine powder to give you the fresh and authentic blend. The tea can be prepared in as less as 5 minutes. 

  • A healthy alternative to add more value to your fitness regime

  • Can be added to Iced teas, smoothies and breakfast menu too.

Amaara Herbs bring in the benefits of Matcha Green Tea for you so that you start your day on a nutritious note. 100% authentic Matcha green tea powder directly sourced from the farms of Japan to provide the best possible tea experience. 


Matcha Green Tea Powder

There are no preservatives or artificial flavours present.

How to brew Match Green Tea?

Brew 1 gram of naturally extracted Matcha. Take 150 ml hot water and add Matcha Whisk to it. You can add it to different cuisines to have a healthy meal.

Store your Match Green Tea pack in dry and cool place. You can enjoy an energizing cup of all natural Amaara Herbs Matcha Green Tea.

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