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Hibiscus Green Tea

An artful blend of Hibiscus Flower and Green Tea procured from the best garden produces in India that acts as a blood purifier and also increases RBC count.



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An artful blend of Hibiscus Flower and Green Tea procured from the best garden produces in India.
Hibiscus helps maintain a healthy heart and healthy blood composition. Hibiscus Flower is known for its therapeutic advantages. The high level of Vitamin C adds a great antioxidant effect. It is a perfect blend which also acts wonderfully as a blood purifier and regulates RBC in blood cells. Sourced from across India, we bring you the finest products to help you fight heart ailments. This pure herb tea is best served when brewed hot.

Tangy, Fruity
Water, Maple Syrup, Multiflora Honey
taste notes
All red in colour, this artfully created herb mix tastes tangy sweet at the first sip and leaves your taste buds with a surprisingly fruity undertones.
Tangy Fruity Vegetal Sweet


Is it sugar-free? And can we add milk to it?

Yes, the brew is completely natural with no added sugar. We do not recommend adding milk as the milk will curdle due to the citrus nature of hibiscus.

Is it caffeine-free?

We add a little bit of green tea to it which has a very small quantity of healthy caffeine.

How many times can I consume it in a day?

You can have this tangy and refreshing hibiscus tea twice a day. Preferably during your mid-day or evening tea breaks.

Does it help in regulating my Blood Pressure?

Hibiscus is known for its properties to lower blood pressure. It might be helpful to regulate your BP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Swapnil Ichalkaranjikar

Hibiscus Green Tea, 25 Herb Brews

Nalini Devi
Hibiscus tea

Excellent and refreshing


Great price for a delicious hibiscus tea. Flavor is nice and refreshing.


Excellent flavor, beautiful color! I also love that the bags are unbleached and love how it is lightly sweetened


I like to make this as a cold brew tea, slipping a teabag into a bottle if water at night to drink the next afternoon. It is a great refreshing drink in the afternoon when you might be feeling sluggish. Hibiscus is supposed to help keep you cook and be good for your skin. I just know I like the flavor.

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