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Ginseng Herb Tea

Ginseng, a natural energy booster, when blended with turmeric and ginger in a delicious brew tends your mood and promotes relaxation.



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This herb brew by Amaara holds the immense goodness of Ginseng, Turmeric and Ginger, artfully crafted in a brew with Cinnamon and Cardamom to leave you with a burst of flavours.
Ginseng(Ashwagandha) is believed to boost energy, and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It also works wonders to reduce stress, promote relaxation, manage diabetes and help with building stronger immunity. Essentially being an all-natural caffeine-free tea, its earthy flavour will surprise your taste buds with a tasty kick.

Earthy, Musky
Water, Maple Syrup, Multiflora Honey
taste notes
Ginseng roots and Cinnamon offer a strong earthy tone to the aroma of this brew that will render your sense of smell with delight. A fine hint of musky notes are fairly noticeable, added by Ginger and Cardamom.
Earthy Musky


What is an ideal time to take Ginseng tea?

We recommend starting your day with a cup of Ginseng brew and watching the difference in your energy and stress levels.

Is it helpful for my pre-workout routine?

Ginseng has an amazing effect on your stamina and endurance. Highly recommend consuming it right before a workout.

Is it Korean Ginseng?

The ginseng used in our brews is Indian Ginseng.

Does the brew help with stress control?

Ashwagandha is trusted for ages as a stress buster and key ingredient for mind relaxation.

Does it contain caffeine?

No, the herbs we grow and blend do not contain caffeine.

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