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Black Currant Desire Tea
Black Currant Desire Tea
Black Currant Desire Tea Bags
Black Currant Desire Tea
Black Currant Desire Tea

Black Currant Desire, 25 Tea Bags

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Blackcurrant tea comes with countless health benefits. Apart from its fresh aroma, the dried black currants also add colour plus flavour. Black Currant tea is loaded with antioxidants and has some anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties that help you gain good health.

A cup of tea prepared using black currant tea provides Vitamin C that helps you fight infections and cold. It also helps you gives a dose of iron along with loads of Vitamin which is good to protect your eyes. Switch to healthy tea and eliminate the unhealthy beverages from your daily routine. We at Amaara Herbs offer authentic blend of Blackcurrant tea to help you get all its benefits.


Blackcurrant Juice, Hibiscus, Apple Pomace, Black currant leaves, Blackcurrant fibre.

How to brew Blackcurrant tea?

Take some hot water and brew a tea bag of Blackcurrant tea. Add it to another cup and fill it with hot water around 150 ml.

You can also try Cooler Black Currant Beverage. To get the best flavour avoid adding milk 

Store Blackcurrant tea pack in a cool, dry place.

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