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Pure Green Tea, 25 Tea Bags
Pure Green Tea, 25 Pyramid Tea Bags
Pure Green Tea, 25 Tea Bags

Pure Green Tea, 25 Tea Bags

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Green Tea is a natural source of antioxidants. Served on its own, it is low in calories which helps you feel light and active. So go on and enjoy Amaara Herbs Pure Green Tea which is delightfully fresh, light in taste and will brighten up your day.

  • Boosts metabolism & burns calories.
  • Detoxifies effectively & naturally.
  • Is rich in fibre, chlorophyll & vitamins.
  • Perks up mood, and also aids in concentration.
  • Provides Vitamin C, Solenium, Chromium, Zinc & Magnesium.

    Ingredients: Green Tea

    There are no added preservatives or colours.

    How to brew Pure Green Tea?

    To brew pure Green Tea, take 150 ml of boiled water and dip a tea bag in it. Keep the tea for a while to get added benefits of this Pure Green Tea.

    The best time to consume this tea is early in the morning.

    Store your pack of Pure Green Tea in a dry and cool place.