Oolong Tea, 50g
Oolong Tea, 50g
Oolong Tea, 50g
Oolong Tea, 50g

Oolong Tea, 50g

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From its closet of the most exotic herbal teas, Amaara Tea brings for you the fragrant and fruity Oolong Tea. This refreshing and relaxing tea can be traced to be more than 400 years old. This gift of nature is a semi-green tea that is processed with fermentation. 

Rich in antioxidants,this tea also contains many important minerals and vitamins including magnesium, calcium, copper and potassium. Considered to be one of the most beneficial varieties of tea, Oolong Tea has the following benefits:

  • Helps in Weight Loss
    A positive link has been found between the Oolong Tea in being able to control the metabolic system of fat in the body and thereby lowering obesity. 

  • Skin Care 
    According to scientific studies, an intake of 2-3 cups of Oolong Tea can show long-lasting effects of an improved skin condition, that too in a short period of time. 

  • Promotes Hair Growth 
    Oolong tea consists many propertiesthat are believed to reduce the levels of hair lossMany experts believe thatregular consumption can lead to an improvement in the texture of the hairand make it silkier and softer.You can also use the tea to give a final rinse to your hair.

  • Improves Alertness
    Regular yet controlled intake of Oolong Tea is also known to improve the mental watchfulness, which in turn can enhance mental performance and keeping you active throughout the day.

 The numerous heath benefits make Oolong Tea all the more valuable. Including a cup or two in your daily diet can do wonders to your mental as well as physical health. A hot cup of Oolong Teacan help in reducing stress and helping you feel great. 

Indulge in this Healthy Cup of Tea

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