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Amaara Herbs Matcha Green Tea Powder Bamboo Whisk (chasen) 4-Inch

Amaara Herbs Matcha Green Tea Powder Bamboo Whisk (chasen) 4-Inch

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  • HANDCRAFTED, AUTHENTIC, AND TRADITIONAL MATCHA WHISK to prepare Matcha the way matcha is supposed to be whisked traditionally.
  • BEAUTIFUL, DURABLE GOLDEN BAMBOO WHISK - Made with strong and sustainable Golden Bamboo so you can use it over and over again to whisk up the perfect bowl of matcha green tea
  • HEIGHTENS YOUR MATCHA TEA EXPERIENCE - Bamboo Whisks and Scoops are the tools used in the Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies.
  • WHISK UP A DELICIOUS CUP OF FROTHY, LUMP-FREE MATCHA with this Bamboo Matcha Whisk set!

Bamboo Matcha Whisk is a traditional way to brew Japanese Tea Matcha Green Tea. Its rare bamboo spurs makes sure that the Matcha Green Tea is dissolved in hot water. We generally use a combo of Matcha Bamboo Whisk and Bamboo Scoop to make it a perfect combo to brew. Bamboo whisk makes frothy Matcha Tea, smooth and healthy in taste, consistently perfect each time we brew. It is also known as "chasen". MATERIAL: Bamboo Wood Size: 6 cms width and 11 cms height.