Black Twirl Desire
Black Twirl Desire
Black Twirl Desire

Black Twirl Desire, 50g

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Drinking this tea has following Health Benefits:

Nilgiri black tea integrated with charming floral flavors in a new innovative way. A cup to be loved each time.

This spring tea is formulated in the famed twirl-style that all good Nilgiri teas have come to be associated with. It has a leafy and floral taste, notes of fruit dominate the cup with this one, different from Nilgiri Tea. It is zippy but at the same time is richer and juicier than most spring teas.
TASTE : Well balanced taste and aroma, with a zippy taste, feels good in the mouth and adds a new character to it. Exquisite taste with premium quality leaf with a mix of bitter and sweet spice makes the tea more fresh and bright. Brushwood impression can be checked in the aftertaste leaf.
Color: Orange Brown

Ingredients: Nilgiri Speciality Tea

Brewing Instructions: Brew Black Twirl Desire Tea ( 2-3 g) in hot water. Add it to a cup and top it with 150 ml of hot water.

**Do not add milk to enjoy the best of flavor**

Store the product in a cool, dry place.

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