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Why Herb Brew?

Tea is a standard term used to refer a number of brews, but if you ask puristthey consider white tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea as the natural form of teas only. Herbal teas are purest form of non-caffeinated tea made using a combination of herbs and spices instead of just the tea leaves. Herbal tea is a tea with plenty of health benefits. It certainly depends on the herbs used in making herbal tea.

The health benefits associated with herbal teas and brews not only provide you good physical health but also benefit psychologically. Herbal teas and brews aid weight loss naturally and also reduce your appetite when included in your diet.

The best part of herbal teas is that they do not contain caffeine which means your body is not getting the toxicity of caffeine. Certainly, replacing your normal tea with herbal teas and brews would give you a healthy alternative to start your day. You will not get that noxious feeling as you may get after consuming caffeinated tea.

India is a land blessed with bounty of nature where herbs like Gokshura, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Kola, Gotu, Stevia, Basil, Giloy etc are available. Each of these herbs are packed with a lot of health benefits. 

Amaara Herbs fulfil the dream of being healthy naturally. Thus it supplies the authentic flavour of herbal teas and brews like Metabolic Tea corrects digestive system and helps you stay active. Repose Organic Night time tea promotes good night sleep and helps relax stomach muscles, Ginseng Herb Tea acts as a perfect natural detoxifier which comprises of blend of all natural ingredients and herbs. It promotes overall health.

Amaara Herbs tea collection includes 20+ herbal teas in different flavours to help you get energized and rejuvenated. You will get the natural flavour of herbal teas and brews with every sip of herbal tea. With every sip you will feel active and stay active whole day long. So, replacing your coffee or caffeine drink with herbal tea comes with loads of health benefits you can’t ignore.