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About Us

At Amaara Herbs we work towards giving you the goodness of herbs with every cup of tea. We use traditional tincturing methods to offer you handmade herbal formulas that give you optimum health. The ingredients we blend are organic and conventional and comprise of certified wild herbs. 

Amaara herbs started its mission to offer quality tea infused with natural herbs to all tea lovers in the year 2017. We offer a range of herbal tea including Black tea, Fruit blends, Oolong Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Speciality Tea, Pomegranate Tea, Metabolic Tea, Ginseng Herb Tea, Blackcurrant Tea etc. 

We understand the importance of herbs for your health and thus guide all tea lovers through the benefits of herbal tea consumption. We help you switch to herbal tea instead of coffee to start your day fully energized. With Amaara herbs your breakfast with a cup of healthy tea can be more refreshing.

Our wide range of herbal tea collection might help you achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy. We supply authentic herbal tea to our customers that let them gain overall good health. 

Amaara Herbs doesn’t consider tea as just a beverage that is part of daily life but believes that it is a natural and healthy beverage that gives you better life.