About Us


We are meticulous about choosing our ingredients, where and how far they come from and how they’re extracted and refined.  
We think about the load on the environment. 
Sometimes, it means replacing a natural ingredient (which has a large carbon footprint in extraction or uses bonded labour) with a Certified safe lab-made alternative. 
We want women and men to be secure and happy in their best skin, not to be chasing some crazy unattainable illusion that the media sells us. We want you to feel healthy and rejuvenated, not concerned about doing more or buying more out of fear. Our multipurpose products are curated to take care of several of your needs at once.

We care about how our organisation works -- that people are happy in our employment and excited by the larger collective philosophy behind our ventures.


At Amaara Herbs, we work towards giving you the goodness of herbs in different forms of superfoods. We use traditional tincturing methods to offer you handmade herbal formulas that give you optimum health. The ingredients we blend are organic and conventional and comprise of the certified wild herbs.  

Amaara herbs started its mission to offer quality produce of natural herbs to all tea lovers in the year 2018. We offer a wide range of herbal teas including Ashwagandha, Gokshura, Brahmi, Satavari etc. and major herbs. 

We understand the significance of herbs for your health and thus guide how these herbs can be beneficial if adopted in daily regime. We help you switch to herbs infused superfoods instead of conventional ones to kick start your day fully energised. With Amaara herbs, your breakfast with a cup of healthy tea can be more refreshing.

Our range of herb brews collection might help you achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy. We supply authentic herbs post required quality checks in different forms of superfoods like Tea, Honey, Latte to our customers that lets them gain overall good health. 

Amaara Herbs strives to provide traditional herbs (Indian expertise) to the Modern You! We believe herbs will bring a change and would want to reach every Indian household. 

Did you know tea, right after water, is the second-most consumed beverage on this planet? ‘Chai’ as we commonly refer to it as here in India, is not limited to being just a beverage. It’s a tradition, a legacy, a therapy, a bonding tool between people of all ages, and maybe even an addiction for some, in psychological sense. 

So, why not blend herbs to extract all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits? 

This thought gave birth to Amaara Herbs. We at Amaara Herbs are determined to give you a sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and contentment all at the same time, in a distinct flavoursome tea bag. It comprises of different herbs, which we otherwise ignore amidst our busy schedules. This makes it feasible for you to have different medicinal health benefits leading to a healthy lifestyle.

We strive to provide the best of the produce to the modern you and also educate on the therapeutic advantages of these herbs. 

At no time in our journey will we compromise on our promise to bring you Amaara Herbs products that are as close as possible to their natural form.