Honey, Multiflora, 500g

Honey, Multiflora, 500g

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100% Pure and Natural High-Quality Honey, rich in antioxidants and with high pollen count.

Two spoons each day to your regime.

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100% Pure and Natural Honey is our legacy. Our purest taste with no other additions is our forte on the purest expression of honey. It comes to you indeed as an amazing superfood.

To stay young and healthy is the strongest of all human desires. That’s the genesis of ubiquitous concern about ageing. It brings in its wake not only declining mental and physical or physiological endurance levels, but also a diminished immune system. Taking a cue from this, are you already looking for a superfood? Well it’s made in nature’s own laboratory -


Its eternal shelf-life vouches for honey to be of immense medicinal and nutritional value. And in its Multiflora avatar, 100% Natural Honey comes to you indeed as an amazing superfood, or a panacea, if one might like to say so.

All Natural, All Pure with no additives or alterations

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