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Gold Latte, Herb Mix, 100g

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A very unique Gold Latte Herb mix with therapeutic advantages of healing adaptogenic herbs and aromatic spices. Can be brewed hot & cold.

Perfect for Golden Milk, Golden Paste, Protein Shake, Smoothie, Coffee, Tea, Hot Water

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Know the Ingredients

What goes into making
  • Turmeric

  • Ginger

  • Liquorice

Other Ingredients

Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cardamom and nothing else.

A nourishing and powerful blend of anti-inflammatory turmeric, healing adaptogenic herbs and aromatic spices.

All our ingredients are ground which means better absorption of health benefits. Second benefit, more versatile. Go beyond brewed tea to superfood boosted smoothies, oatmeal and energy balls.

Get to know me!

I am...
The original Golden Milk blend and Amaara's bestseller.

I help...
Reduce inflammation, boost gut health and improve immunity.

I support...
Your whole body (I am actually amazing).

I naturally...
Relieve pain, soothe colds and reduce swelling.

Trust me, I am delicious...

I taste good and have high efficacy!

He/She Say

Have been enjoying their products for a while now and I just never want to run out of it.

Nandini Singla

I really love the products I received from Amaara.
The teas help me feel fresh during the day and the latte is the best way to unwind for me after a hectic day. 

Ashna Kanungo

Love the Herb Brews. It all herbs and no tea, sets it apart from the other brands. Its just perfect, provides good taste and the effects are so good!

Sanskriti Goel

I used to drink tea and coffee. Amaara Herbs Cocoa Latter Herb Mix is a much healthier switch. It's great for wellness.

Rajveer Kaur

Brew a perfect latte!

Step one:
Add 1 tsp of your Gold Latte Herb mix to your cup or mug.

Step two:
Mix with a splash of hot water and blend until smooth.

Step three:
Add 1.5 cups of hot or cold milk and stir.

Step four:
Partially sweet. Can add maple syrup or Honey, Multiflora and enjoy!

Blend well. Since, these are ground herbs, they tend to form lumps.

Add our blends to anything!

Think outside the milk carton. Our blends are great for smoothies, shakes, and oatmeal bowls.

Can be brewed hot & cold.