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Collection: Fru-T Tea

Fru-T Teas are ALL-FRUIT tea. These are fruity blends with unique flavours. We can have them as Hot Brews as well as Iced Teas. 100% natural fruit blends and no added colour or  preservative.
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  • Orange Zeal, 25 Tea Bags
    ORANGE. Pure Bliss! Oranges are one of the best sources of minerals and vitamins. Oranges are the healthiest amongst...
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  • Black Currant Desire, 25 Tea Bags
    We dispatch the orders the same day of reception of the orders. The orders are...
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  • PomE Delight Tea, 25 Tea Bags
    ALL FRUIT. NO TEA! Pomegranates are the healthiest amongst fruits on Earth. Pomegranates have an impressive...
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