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BREW BOX, a box with splendid artful combinations. Profuse with nutrients and antioxidants, just add goodness to your health and enjoy a relaxing and energising experience.
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  • Healthy body is not a one-day job. It takes self-discipline and dedication.
    Boost Immunity with goodness of Ginseng (Ashwagandha) and Cocoa Latte. 
    Pure and Natural
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  • When the world makes you go crazy, it may you may find it attractive popping an anti-depression medication but these medicines are not just heavy on your pocket but can also put you at a risk of certain side effects. With our Relaxation Tea Brew Box, we aim to provide you a safer and a far more natural way to manage the stress-levels. Indulge in this Healthy Box to keep your body and mind Tension-Free! 

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  • As the name suggests, this is the ideal brew box that helps you shed those extrapounds. This may be one of the most delicious ways to accelerate weight loss. Profuse with nutrients and antioxidants. Just stir the goodness and enjoy a relaxing and energising experience. 

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  •  As the name suggests this brew box is loaded with goodness and is a must have for all women! Being a woman is not an easy job. The roles she plays everyday are endless. But in the hustles of everyday life, taking care of her own becomes the last priority for most women. While we may not be able to take the burden off their shoulders, but for us at Amara Herbal Tea, tea is surely like a Hug in a Cup!

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