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At Amaara Tea it is our constant endeavour to keep discovering the various benefits of herbal and natural products. We are proud to bring to you the BREW BOX, that is a splendid combination of the most exquisite herbal teas. Be it early morning or late in the evening, there is a special kind of tea for every hour of the day. And every Brew Box is made with the freshest and purest tea leaves. With each sip you take you add a drop of wellness to every cell in your body. Profuse with nutrients and antioxidants, you can prepare most of these healthy drinks in less than 5 minutes. Just stir the goodness and enjoy a relaxing and energising experience.
5 products
  • Weight Loss Brew Box
    As the name suggests, this is the ideal brew box that helps you shed those...
    Regular price Rs. 1,599.00
    Sale price Rs. 1,599.00
  • Relax-ing Brew Box
      In the fast paced life of today, being relaxed is probably one of our...
    Regular price Rs. 1,449.00
    Sale price Rs. 1,449.00
  • Immunity Booster Brew Box
    Healthy body is not a one-day job. It takes self-discipline and dedication. Regular consumption makes...
    Regular price Rs. 1,200.00
    Sale price Rs. 1,200.00
  • "SHE" Upliftment Brew Box
      As the name suggests this brew box is loaded with goodness and is a...
    Regular price Rs. 900.00
    Sale price Rs. 900.00
  • GREEN-R Brew Box
    A treat for all green tea lovers, the Green-R Brew Box surely adds an -er...
    Regular price Rs. 1,509.00
    Sale price Rs. 1,509.00