BlackCurrant tea in India for a refreshing indulgence and a healthy living

BlackCurrant tea in India for a refreshing indulgence and a healthy living

Experience refreshing taste of fruit flavoured green tea infused with the delicious flavour of blackcurrant berries. It is a perfect cold brew to keep you refreshed and hydrated. The tangy blackcurrant berry adds an amazingdepth to thwonderful fruit flavour green tea. As a caffeine free drink this fruit infused tea makes for a fabulous healthy drink that can beenjoyed all day long. What’s even better about this drink is that itcan be served either hot or cold, as per your preference and mood.

Black currant tea is made of herbs anddried fruit of the black currant offeringspectacular fragrant aromaand colour to the drink. Black currant tea is rich in antioxidants, which provide numerous health benefits. Today, we have listed below advantages of blackcurrant in a tea. Lets us learn more on how indulging in this fruit flavoured green teacan benefit your health. 

Loaded withVitamin CBlack currant is a power plant rich in vitamins like Vitamin A, B-5, B-6 B-1 & most significantly vitamin C. Black currant teawhichis loaded withvitamin C which is a natural antioxidant. Vitamin C is known to boost immunitysystem and helps inrepair and growth of tissues in one’s body.Not just that, as anantioxidant, it helps protects one’s body against harmful free radicals and toxins.

Anti-Inflammatory properties Fruit infused tealike theblack currant contain anthocyanins, which is said to bea natural antioxidant. A number of researches suggest thatblack currant extract is a helpful anti-inflammatory agent. Rich in antioxidants andanti-inflammatory properties, it helpsreduce inflammation caused due to any sort oftoxins.

Promotes healthy heart condition- Daily consumption offruit flavoured green tea like theblack currant tea is said to lower cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of stroke. A cup of black currant tea a day will surely be a healthy choice for one’sheart, taking into consideration all its benefits. 

Anti-Viral and Anti-Flu Studies have suggestedthat black currants have properties that help fightagainst the virus influenza which isalso known as the flu virus. It is said toprevent the proliferation of flu virus at the initialstage. It is therefore said to limitthe risk of infection from the influenza

Anti-Cancer propertiesSimilar toother darkcoloured fruits, black currant isrich in anthocyaninsthat is said to have anti-cancer properties. The anthocyanin content of black currants is said toslow down and inhibit the growth of cancer cellsin one’s bodySo, consuming flavoured green tealike the black currant can actually be quite beneficial. 

Other health benefits- Black currant teais also said toimprovebloodcirculation, reduce water retention in body and regulate hormones inwomen.

Buy black currant tea in India and enjoy all the health benefits of thisfruity flavoured green tea. Its sweet, tangy flavour not only makes it a tasty choice of drink, but the medical properties in it too helps keep you healthy and fresh.